dermatology workshop

Skin conditions account for 10% of the total encounters in general practice, making them one of the most common presentations in Australian general practice and most chronic wound care is now managed in the community rather than the hospital setting. In addition to being a major source of patient morbidity, skin conditions can be the first presentation of serious disease, including infection and malignancy. Audits conducted in public health services in Australia and internationally show that inconsistencies in wound management practice and outdated methods of practice contribute to high costs and poor patient outcomes.

Upon adequate supervised training, general practitioners are capable of performing a range of diagnostic and treatment procedures in dermatology and wound management. The aim of the workshop is to provide rural doctors with cross domain, team based learning opportunities using teaching methods such as interactive lectures and procedural skills stations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Assess and treat common dermatological presentations.

  2. Use techniques such as curettage and biopsy to treat dermatological conditions.

  3. Assess and treat chronic wound presentations.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to treat chronic wound conditions through debridement techniques.


40 Accredited Activity CPD Points

7.5 educational + 7 performance review + 2.5 surgery MOPS points


Saturday 26 March: Assoc Prof James Muir (Specialist Dermatologist) & Dr Dan Kennedy (Senior Plastic Surgeon) from ASCA

Sunday 27 March: Dr Dianne Smith (Wound Management Specialist) & Plastic Surgeon


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