Our strong research focus has resulted in a number of important studies, which have been presented at various conferences and events to help shape the discussion around important issues affecting remote, rural and regional health care.

Some of our recent studies are:

“Is there a doctor in the bush? Unpacking Health Workforce Queensland data round the medical workforce in remote Queensland” presented at the Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health in July 2014.

“Doctors in remote Queensland – they don’t stay, do they?” presented at the National Rural Health Alliance Forum in May 2015.

“How does policy assist recruitment and retention of doctors in rural and remote Queensland, Australia?” presented to the Rural WONCA Conference in May 2015.

“The ‘boom and bust’ cycle of resource industry dependent locations – the unique challenges of providing health services in Australian mining communities” presented to the Rural WONCA Conference in May 2015.

Priority Communities

Health Workforce Queensland recognised the need to undertake an assessment of the “health” of remote and rural towns in Queensland. The assessment is based on developing a methodology to understand communities which incorporates a number of factors including population, age, sex, Indigenous status, remoteness as well as the key social determinants of health. This assessment has led to identifying the top twenty priority communities in terms of health need and will lead to the development of strategies to improve health and address inequalities in rural and remote Queensland.