Workforce planning

We undertake ongoing workforce planning to determine levels of community need for services and identify gaps in health care requirements.

Our planning is underpinned by ongoing and extensive community engagement and the most up to date data and information.

We work with our clients to achieve the best outcome for them and the communities they represent.

Health Workforce Queensland has:

  • A comprehensive understanding of healthcare including demographic patterns, population health needs, referral patterns, health services and workforce and health infrastructure in rural Queensland
  • Specialisation in service planning across the entire health service continuum with an emphasis on service integration
  • Experience in health workforce planning and project management using a multidisciplinary planning team
  • Effective, professional communication strategies and hands-on coordination
  • Effective and thorough data analysis including, demographic, socio-economic and epidemiologic
  • Flexible and collaborative approaches to problem solving
  • Extensive experience in developing creative solutions to health planning issues, including customised workforce models
  • A proven track record in developing effective partnerships.

Contact us to discuss how our workforce planning data and research can support your organisation.