Staff Profile - Renee Masters

20 January 2022

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Tell us a little about your role at HWQ. 

I have had many roles within the Training & Events team since I started many moons ago. From admin to conference management, I am now responsible for organising the hands on training workshops Health Workforce Queensland provides. This involves working closely with a team of medical educators to determine topics of need, develop a program and coordinate the logistics of delivering the workshop. I love this role as no two workshops have the same requirements and I get to travel around our beautiful state.

 How long have your worked with HWQ? 

 I started in 2007. So, I think that makes it almost 15 years!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

Usually my husband or my 5 year old as I love to sleep in! Apart from that any type of adventure where I get to explore a new place or to go and photograph a beautiful sunrise.

What is your favourite location you have visited in remote/rural Queensland? 

I grew up in Mitchell, QLD so it would be wrong of me to mention anywhere else! I have fond memories of spotting satellites in the Milky Way on the front lawn at night, riding horses along the river and swimming in the hot spa on a rainy day.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. 

My party trick in my 20s was to fire twirl.

What Netflix / Stan / TV series are you currently loving? 

I am a bit slow to the party but I have started watching “Yellowstone” on Stan. However my all-time favourite show is called “This is Us” and I am now waiting to binge the sixth and final season. Eek!!

Finally, are you an over the toilet roll or under the toilet roll type? 

As it is in most luxury hotels, I am definitely an over the toilet roll girl.