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Go Rural Virtually

Let's Go Rural ... Virtually!

Go Rural Virtually is an online forum for health students, from all disciplines and year levels, to come together and learn about the day-to-day realities of practicing and living in rural and remote locations.

Travel alongside rural speakers drawn from public and primary health care settings, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, community organisations, and individuals with lived experience to virtually explore, and be part of, thought-provoking discussions that cover all you need to know about rural practice and more.

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Most Recent Event!
The Sound of Silence - Giving Voice to Workplace Sexual Misconduct

In March, we delved into the challenging topic of workplace sexual misconduct among colleagues, shedding light on its under-reporting and the silence surrounding incidents of sexual harassment within health settings, while also addressing the uncertainty regarding avenues for reporting.

If you're interested in viewing a recording of our conversation with three women (see bios below) who view this as a valuable and important discussion for all health students and professionals, please click on the image.

The Sound of Silence - Giving Voice to Workplace Sexual Misconduct guest speakers:

​Louise Stone
General Practitioner

Louise is a Canberra GP with clinical, research, teaching and policy expertise in mental health. She is an Associate Professor in the Social Foundations of Medicine group of the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology. She is also the lead author of an international book on sexual harassment in medicine, to be published by Cambridge University Press late in 2024.

Stephanie Pommerel
General Practitioner

Stephanie is an early career general practitioner who loves people and finds general practice to be the perfect medium through which to meet and treat a whole range of them! Stephanie works with newborns through to those in aged care, with special interests in paediatrics, women's health, mental health and health promotion.

Victoria Lister
Early Career Researcher

​Victoria is an early career researcher at Griffith University. Her PhD research examines why healthcare professionals find it so hard to speak up at work - about patient safety and care concerns, and their working conditions. Victoria also works on related research projects, health workforce wellbeing initiatives, and offers coaching as a path to voice for healthcare professionals and students. You can find her on LinkedIn.


We’ve sourced a valuable collection of resources that relate to the topics we’ve covered. You can find them on our dedicated Student Hub page.

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Talia Bostock, Nursing Student 2nd year, Griffith Uni – Go Rural Virtually: Under the Influence - Dealing with Dependency attendee
Thank you for sharing your experiences, I know this will help improve my future practice as a registered nurse.

Sophie Neill, Occupational Therapy 3rd year, CQU - Go Rural Virtually: Under the Influence - Dealing with Dependency attendee
Thank you speakers for sharing your knowledge, personal experiences and insight into this topic. Really valued and informative session.

Haley Webster, Occupational Therapy 3rd year, UQ - Go Rural Virtually: Under the Influence - Dealing with Dependency attendee
Incredible thank you, so much insight, what a wonderful opportunity - can't wait to share with the UQ OT students.

Natasha Traves, Medical Student 3rd year, UQ – Go Rural Virtually: Closing the Disability Divide attendee
Thank you all so much for generously sharing your experiences and outlook. It has been such a brilliant session!

Terrie Ann Howard, OT Student 4th year, USC – Go Rural Virtually: Mental Health in the Bush attendee
I learnt more in one hour than I did in four years at university!

Sarah Laxton, Mental Health Nurse, Cooktown – Go Rural Virtually: Mental Health in the Bush speaker
This event was well organised and facilitated with the conversational approach creating a real sense of intimacy allowing people to be vulnerable in their stories.