Bonded Scholars

Bonded Medical Program

About the Program

The Bonded Medical Program provides a Commonwealth Supported Place in a medical course at an Australian university.

In return, bonded participants commit to work in an eligible regional, rural and remote area for 3 years after they complete their course. This is called a ‘return of service obligation’ (RoSO).

Existing participants of 2 legacy schemes that have closed to new participants can apply to opt in to the Bonded Medical Program. These are the:

  • Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme

  • Bonded Medical Places Scheme.​


To be eligible, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder, and either:

  • Have been offered a bonded place in a medical course at an Australian university

  • Be a participant in either the Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme or Bonded Medical Places Scheme.

You do not need to be from a rural or remote area.


Australian universities that participate in the program will offer a bonded place to prospective students. Your university will manage the selection process.
If your university offers you a bonded place, you have until 30 June in your first year of study to accept it through the Bonded Return of Service System (BRoSS).
BRoSS enables bonded participants to plan, monitor and manage their own obligations under the program.

Participant Obligations

Once you are a bonded participant in the program, you must meet certain requirements.

This includes:

  • Completing your RoSO in an approved regional, rural or remote area

  • Keeping your personal details and milestone information up to date in BRoSS.

Completing your RoSO

You can complete your RoSO:

  • Any time over an 18-year period – it doesn’t have to be continuous

  • Part time, full time or on a per-day basis

  • As a fly-in/fly-out doctor in eligible locations

  • Half before your fellowship, and half after you attain fellowship.

Further information about the Bonded Medical Program can be found via this Student Information webinar and on the Department of Health's website.