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Health Workforce Queensland continues to take a leading role in the identification and response to short, medium and long-term issues facing health practitioners in remote, rural and regional Queensland. As part of our contractual agreement with the Australian Government Department of Health, we undertake an annual state-wide assessment of the remote and rural primary health care workforce.

Data is gathered through online surveys and telephone contact and enables us to monitor the distribution of the health workforce throughout Queensland, implement a work plan to address the needs and inform the Department in program planning and policy development relevant to rural health.

This survey is for Nurses/Midwives, Allied Health Practitioners and Allied Health Managers
(Medical Practitioners use this link for secondary sites):

2023/24 Health Workforce Needs Assessment Survey

This survey is for General Practice and Hospital Managers:

2023/24 General Practice/Hospital Manager Survey

This survey is for Medical Practitioners in remote, rural and regional Queensland:

2023/24 Medical Practitioner Survey