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Connecting workforce to communities

​Health Workforce Queensland is a not for profit, non-Government Rural Workforce Agency (RWA) for primary health workforce in Queensland, focused on making sure remote, rural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities have access to highly skilled health professionals when and where they need them, now and into the future.

Rural Workforce Agencies have a unique track record and experience in supporting communities to address health workforce shortages and assist the rural health workforce.

Our Vision is to ensure an optimal health workforce to enhance the health of Queensland communities.

Our Purpose is to create sustainable health workforce solutions that meet the needs of remote, rural, regional, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by providing access to highly skilled health professionals when and where they need them, now and into the future.

Health Workforce Queensland have been responding to remote and rural health workforce challenges for 25 years by:

  • Improving access to primary health care workforce and quality services to ensure sustainable and healthy remote and rural Queensland communities;

  • Engaging and collaborating with key remote and rural primary health care stakeholders to inform health policy and to enhance development of workforce solutions ;

  • Participating in community development and practice support activities ;

  • Contributing to practical strategies to increase sustainable primary health care business models ;

  • Providing grants and scholarship to support career development initiatives ;

  • Facilitating professional development education and training ;

  • Engaging with the future health workforce; and

  • Capturing health workforce data and producing evidence-based reports to ensure we continuously improve our effectiveness.

We acknowledge the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care for their continued funding of our workforce programs:

  • Rural Health Workforce Support Activity

  • Health Workforce Scholarship Program

  • Pre-Fellowship Program.

Supporting You on Your Rural Health Journey


The HWSG provides important input into the Agency's annual Health Workforce Needs Assessment (HWNA), their influence contributes to a detailed narrative about the current and emerging workforce issues for ​each health discipline in Queensland. The HWSG members offer advice and insights that challenge and validate the health professions and locations in remote and rural Queensland that are most in need.

Click here to see the existing members of the HWSG.


Chris Mitchell


Zena Martin

Deputy CEO

Daniel Learoyd

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Venn

Executive Manager, Health Workforce & Service Planning

Jo Symons

Executive Manager Strategy & Partnerships


Dr Ross Maxwell

Board Chair

Dr Natasha Coventry

Governance Committee Chair

Ms Naomi Blake

Risk Management Committee Chair

​Dr Michael Belonogoff

Risk Management Committee Member

Prof Rob Stable

Governance Committee Member

Mr John Cain

Risk Management Committee Member

​​Mrs Stella Taylor-Johnson
Governance Committee Member​

​Mrs Jane Williams

Governance Committee Member

Dr Kristine Battye

Risk Management Committee Member


The Rural Workforce Agency Network (RWAN) comprises seven jurisdictional Rural Workforce Agencies (RWAs) who provide a national footprint for rural health workforce programs and services. The RWAN operates as a Consortium, providing a platform for members to leverage national funding initiatives and seek further service delivery opportunities in the rural health workforce space more broadly.

The RWAN was formed in 2017 by the RWAs to administer nation-wide remote and rural health workforce programs, and to provide a structured approach to strategic and operational opportunities and challenges.

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Health Workforce Queensland is a stimulating and rewarding workplace where Our Vision 'To ensure an optimal health workforce to enhance the health of Queensland communities' resonates with staff. 

Employees at Health Workforce Queensland demonstrate the Agency's values in their day-to-day work:

Integrity: We behave in an ethical and professional manner at all times showing respect and empathy. 

Commitment: We enhance health services in remote and rural Queensland communities. 

Equity: We provide equal access to services based on prioritised need.