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Health Workforce Stakeholder Group

The Health Workforce Stakeholder Group (HWSG) comprises members from a range of health disciplines which contribute to this important group, the HWSG offer advice and insights that challenge and validate the health professions and locations in remote and rural Queensland that are most in need.

The HWSG provides important input to the Agency’s annual Health Workforce Needs Assessment, we thank all HWSG members for their continued engagement and contributions to inform the narrative of the current and emerging workforce issues for each health discipline in Queensland.

The HWSG continues to expand its membership and during the year we welcomed the inclusion of the Australian College of Midwives, My Midwives and the Central Queensland Centre for Rural and Remote Health, James Cook University.

2023 HWSG Meeting Communique

2022 HWSG Meeting Communique

2021 HWSG Meeting Communique

The Health Workforce Stakeholder Group consists of the following members: