Health workforce and service planning

Health Workforce Queensland has been conducting ongoing research into remote, rural and regional health workforce issues for nearly 20 years. As a result, we have the most comprehensive data available on Queensland healthcare trends. This data and understanding positions us to expertly identify and respond to emerging health care issues, advise on necessary policy changes and reforms, and support the development and implementation of innovative health care models.

We collaborate and partner with other institutions wherever possible to advance health care outcomes for rural and remote Queensland communities. In the past year, we developed an innovative research partnership with James Cook University. This arrangement will allow us to introduce additional academic rigour to our data and publish information with a focus on policy and practice change in rural and remote Australian contexts.

Health Workforce Queensland recognised the need to undertake an assessment of the “health” of remote and rural towns in Queensland. The assessment is based on developing a methodology to understand communities which incorporates a number of factors including population, age, sex, Indigenous status, remoteness as well as the key social determinants of health.

This assessment has led to identifying the top twenty priority communities in terms of health need and will lead to the development of strategies to improve health and address inequalities in rural and remote Queensland.