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Our very first Go Rural Virtually took us to the rural location of Longreach.

Here we spoke to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals living and working in Longreach to hear why they have chosen a rural lifestyle and their pathways to getting there.

Our speakers shared how rural health takes a team based and collaborative approach to patient care and supporting the future health workforce. Plus, how rural and remote practice will take you on a journey of discovery and open up a world of placement and career possibilities.

During this discussion, we also heard about and learnt:

  • How health careers are pathways that can take many and varied directions

  • The rewards and challenges of working rurally

  • What the speakers thought when they arrived in Longreach and what they know now.

Guest speakers (from Central West Hospital and Health Service, Longreach)

  • Dr Clare Walker – General Practitioner & Senior Medical Officer

  • Dr David Walker – Executive Director of Medical Services

  • Dr David Rimmer – Rural Generalist

  • Jacob Gow – Podiatrist

  • Kate Lanning – Physiotherapist

  • Kat Humphreys – Registered Nurse

  • Lisa Lloyd – Occupational Therapist

  • Liz McDonald – Allied Health Team Leader

  • Natalie Parrish – Nurse & Midwife

  • Regan Blackmore – Senior Physiotherapist

  • Mete Ozdemir – Exercise Physiologist, North & West Remote Health

Click here to view a recording of the event.

Mt Isa

Click here to view a recording of the event

Mt Isa is another amazing location many health professionals have chosen to call home. Once again, our panel of speakers share their health career journeys and their commitment to rural and remote health. Also covered are the unique opportunities available and conversations about the enormous amount of support new graduates are given and how you can create a great life in and outside of the work environment.

Guest speakers:

  • Brandon James – Exercise Physiologist, new graduate

  • Danae Giardina – Dietician, Gidgee Healing

  • Jacob Spatuzzo – Exercise Physiologist, NWRH

  • Jenna Perry – Dietician, Gidgee Healing

  • Joanne Plowman – Registered Nurse, Leichhardt Medical Centre, Mt Isa

  • Kirsten Russell – Exercise Physiologist, CRRH

  • Linda Ford – JCU Senior Academic Lead for Allied Health

  • Louise Bambury – Regional Coordinator, Health Workforce Queensland

  • Lynette Stenhouse – Mental Health Team Leader and Clinician, NWRH

  • Sabina Knight – Remote Area Nurse and Director of Murtupuni Centre for Rural and Remote Health

  • Sam Bartsch – Intern, Mt Isa Hospital

  • Rahni Cotterill – Integrated Allied Health Manager, NWRH

  • Vidhu Paheerathan – 5th Yr Medical Student

Click here to view a recording of the event.

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