HWQ Reconciliation Action Plan Update

07 July 2023

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​Our staff are passionate about improving access to the primary health care workforce in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ communities and reducing health inequalities. We acknowledge that reconciliation is central to reducing these inequalities. Health Workforce Queensland (HWQ) has identified the importance of developing and implementing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in our Strategic Plan 2021-2026. Through the three core pillars of relationships, respect, and opportunities HWQ commits to the national reconciliation movement toward a just equitable and reconciled Australia.
We recognise that developing a RAP is a great opportunity for us to build trust, reduce prejudice, and to help develop our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples so that we can help reduce the gap in health outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians.
Our RAP journey has commenced as follows:

  • Established a RAP Working Group with broad representation across the agency and external cultural advisors

  • During the process of seeking cultural advice, we identified the need for an additional internal governance structure to ensure Agency-wide commitment and deep understanding of reconciliation. Hence, a Board Sub-Committee has been established to oversee the agency’s reconciliation activities

  • Implemented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation for the RAP Working Group and the Board Sub-Committee

  • Following approval from both groups, we have submitted our initial draft of HWQ’s RAP to Reconciliation Australia

Once we have obtained feedback from Reconciliation Australia, we will implement the necessary changes and look forward to officially being able to launch our first RAP!

Meanwhile, the HWQ team celebrated NAIDOC week by volunteering at, and attending, the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day as a chance to connect and show support towards reconciliation. Read more by clicking the button below.


Photograph: The HWQ team at the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day NAIDOC Week celebrations. Left to right - Sandra Bukumirovic, Flynn and Jo Symons, Chris Mitchell and Tessa Niumata.