Staff Profile - Kin Chen

10 November 2021

Blog Images Kin Chen

Tell us a little about your role at HWQ. 

I am a member of the Corporate Services team, which supports the Agency’s back-end with administrative, finance and information technology (IT) processes. As the Business Process Analyst, I maintain the Business Management System, making sure workflows run effectively and efficiently, to meet the ISO9001 compliance standards.

 A large part of my role involves working with internal teams, developing and improving processes for their day-to-day tasks, to achieve their objectives and contribute towards our Agency's success. But more importantly, driving improvements to maintain a high level of customer service excellence.

How long have your worked with HWQ? 

I joined HWQ in 2016 and am fortunate to witness and be part of its incredible growth journey.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

I get up in the morning knowing the work we do in the Corporate Services team has enabled the Agency to grow and offer a wider range of services across rural and remote Queensland communities.

I am also greatly encouraged and motivated by our Leadership Team, who are constantly looking over the horizon and recognised the need to embrace technology and innovate early on. It enabled a smooth transition to working from home mode while making sure that our customers need continued to be met.

Where is the best location you have visited in remote/rural Queensland? 

I had the opportunity to visit Durham Downs, north of Roma, when the rains had come after the Millennium drought had broken. It was lush, green and teeming with wildlife compared to the dried, brown desolat fields from a few years before.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. 

I have well developed googling(1) skills. As a result of many years of intense practice, I can(2) usually find the information you are after within a reasonable(3) time.

  1. Googling /ˈɡuːɡlɪŋ/verb - an ability to quickly and accurately grok(4) what is presented, strip out the un-needed bits, then pass it through a search engine (previously preferred Google now DuckDuckGo) and manifest the information required from the results

  2. Can – within a 75% certainty

  3. Reasonable – under 60 minutes excluding weekends and public holidays

  4. Grok /ɡrɒk/ verb - understand (something) intuitively or by empathy

What Netfilx / Stan/TV series are you currently loving? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Narcos miniseries on Netflix. The scenes were very realistic and now other movies of a similar genre seem lacking in believability of its characters and events.

Finally, are you an over the toilet roll or under the toilet roll type? 

Being a Business Process Analyst, I tend to be a stickler for rules. I adhere closely to the inventor’s(5) intended way for hanging toilet paper, over the roll. 5. Learn more here!

This Staff Profile was featured in Issue 15 of Health Works Digital Magazine which you can read in full here.