HWQ Fills General Practitioner Vacancy at Mackay AMS

19 April 2022

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Dr Gorata Rampete is the new General Practitioner at an Aboriginal Medical Service in Mackay and is already an appreciated and valued member of the team and community. Dr Rampete has shared with us below what made him consider the move from South Australia to Mackay with his family, how the recruitment process went and how his role within the AMS has been rewarding so far.

What made you consider working within the AMS in Mackay as a place to further your career in medicine? 

I have always liked the idea of working in an AMS setting. I like the diversity and challenges that come with the patient cohort and also doing something with closing the health gap between the Indigenous and other Australian groups. 

How did you find out about the General Practitioner vacancy at the AMS in Mackay and what piqued your interest?  

It was suggested by Caro from Health Workforce Queensland as a locum possibility.

What was the placement process like? 

The placement process was very easy and straight forward since it was not my first locum position in North Queensland and working with Caro again it was much easier second time around. 

How was your relocation process?  

The relocation was a challenge, as we were living almost ten years in SA. We had local connections there and some had become family and my kids were growing their own little network of friends. But the actual moving of furniture and things was made easier with the help from AMS here in Mackay. 

Was the incentive package from Health Workforce Queensland helpful in making the moving process a little easier?  

I was lucky I got some assistance, otherwise it was going to be really hard - costing close to $14000 to move across, the little I got went a long way to assist.

Now that you have been in your role for a short while, what is your favourite thing about living and working in Mackay?

I have not been disappointed with my expectations of the AMS centre. The patients are challenging, it is not all about scripts and sick notes. There is a lot more going on and the assistance from health care workers in the clinic is invaluable. The life/work balance I have here is the best so far, we are able to spend time with my family over the weekends, we planned to be driving around seeing different places/spots, until the fuel prices started going up!!!! I am enjoying the weather!!! 

And what has been the most rewarding part of your new role so far and what do you expect from a career in rural Queensland?  

The little contributions made into a person's health is what is rewarding to me. The difference seen in even the smallest of things make me happy as it shows me we can do better as a health care provider. I have had multiple fulfilling moments already and they reaffirm my decision to come work in the AMS environment. I want to have a chance to focus on addiction medicine. I have been looking into making contacts with AOD services so I can further my skills in the area.