Staff Profile - Louise Bambury

22 June 2022

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This month we chatted with Louise Bambury, our Regional Coordinator for Western Queensland, and part of our Health Workforce Solutions team.

Tell us a little about your role at HWQ. 

Regional Coordinator for Western Queensland, Brisbane South and Gold Coast. As the Regional Coordinator I provide responsive workforce solutions and increase the highly skilled, culturally competent primary healthcare workforce for remote and rural communities that need it the most, including the recruitment, case management, orientation and settlement of General Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals and Nurses. As well as provide a professional, individually tailored, ‘end to end’ service for clients and service providers in identified communities, in regard to vacancy to candidate matching, orientation, placement, settlement services advice on Department of Health 3GA program to GP’s in primary health services.

How long have your worked with HWQ? 

Since around September 2013.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

Alarm on my phone and coffee, not much of a morning person.

Where is the best location you have visited in remote/rural Queensland? 

It has to be the Whitsundays, love the beautiful Islands and the aqua blue water. Far North Queensland has so many stunning areas.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. 

I was on the Channel Nine television program in the late 90’s called ‘Money’ with Paul Clitheroe (a well-known Australian Financial Advisor).

What Netflix / Stan/ TV series are you currently loving? 

Hell on Wheels (7plus on demand series) about building the railway across the USA. Not what you would expect, it is better than it sounds.

Finally, are you an over the toilet roll or under the toilet roll type? 

I have no preference especially with the pandemic I was lucky to get TP 😊