Cultural Education and Artwork Unveiling

09 September 2022

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​Board members, our Leadership Team and staff recently spent an afternoon participating in a cultural education workshop, followed by the unveiling of a beautiful artwork created especially for us.

Wayne and Dani Martin visited our office with their children to host a workshop on their culture and it was a strong reminder to us of the need we all have to deepen and broaden our knowledge of First Nations culture, perspectives and local solutions. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear about parts of our country's history and traditions, and also a good chance to ask questions to gain a better understanding.

Following the workshop we gathered in our foyer to unveil the beautiful artwork that Wayne painted for display in the Health Workforce Queensland office. Wayne and his daughter Stella removed the cover and we all stared in awe. Wayne explained that the large circle in the middle represents the Health Workforce Queensland office and the u-shaped symbols are our people. The rural communities we visit are represented by the three circles on each side, surrounded by emu footprints, the path we traverse. Encircled by the mountain ranges, hills, and landscape of the region, ancestors, represented by the small white dots, travel with us, guide us and keep us safe.

It was a moving and rewarding afternoon for us all. We thank Wayne, Dani and their children for taking the time to share their stories with us and for all they do for the rural communities in Central Queensland and for their people.