Profession in Focus: Nursing & Midwifery

30 October 2022

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The October edition of Health Works focuses on the rural and remote primary care nursing and midwifery workforce. It provides a state-wide snapshot of nurse/midwife demographics, distribution, and employment settings, along with workforce gaps in Queensland’s remote, rural and regional areas. Barriers to primary care nursing/midwifery workforce sustainability are outlined, along with current initiatives to address these barriers.

State-wide Nursing/Midwifery Workforce Snapshot

The nursing/midwifery health workforce data outlined in the following section was gathered through practitioner and practice manager surveys and ongoing practice contact by phone and collated to inform the 2021-2022 Health Workforce Needs Assessment.

According to the Health Workforce Queensland (HWQ) database, in February 2022, there were 1,725 registered nurses/midwives working in primary care MM2-7 locations in Queensland. The majority of these identified as being a registered nurse (74%) with 22 percent identifying as an enrolled nurse.

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Profession in Focus: Nursing & Midwifery