HWNA Survey Apple iPad Winner

11 January 2023

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Every year, Health Workforce Queensland undertakes a state-wide assessment of the remote and rural primary health care workforce, the Health Workforce Needs Assessment. We continue to take the leading role in the identification and response to short, medium, and long-term issues facing health practitioners in remote, rural and regional Queensland. Our surveys are one way of gathering the data directly from the source.

In addition to health professionals in these area’s having the opportunity to supply valuable, on the ground information about what’s happening in their area, survey respondents also go into the draw to win an Apple iPad. 

This year the winner of the Apple iPad is Jojo Nibre, a Nurse at the Gladstone Base Hospital. Jojo was thrilled when we contacted him to advise he had won the iPad and he received it just in time for Christmas. ‘It was such a welcome surprise to win an iPad for just participating in HWNA's Annual Survey. Thank you HWQ for an unexpected Christmas present.’

We took the opportunity to get to know Jojo a little better, and what he loves about living and working in regional Queensland. 

‘I moved and started working in regional Queensland in May 2017 and haven't moved anywhere else since then. I finished my bachelor’s degree in the Philippines, but I did my bridging program in Adelaide, South Australia.’ Jojo says that he loves the quieter environment and relaxed lifestyle that living in regional Queensland brings. His special interest is working as an Industrial Nurse and as a Community Health Nurse. He says of his current role, ‘Everyday is different, and you get to meet people from all walks of life.  And because you're part of a small community, you also have a very good support system.’ His advice for others thinking of taking a nursing job in regional Queensland is ‘You can't go wrong going regional. The work-life balance is better which positively impacts total well-being. Remuneration package is at par, if not above market standards. You also have more flexibility on your career which opens up more progression opportunities.’

Thanks for the chat Jojo, and thank you for participating in the HWNA Survey.