Empowering Rural GPs by Strengthening Skills for Rural Emergencies

03 March 2023

Rem Blog Post

It is well known that GPs are often the first point of contact for patients in a rural community. As such, rural GPs require specific skills that equip them to handle various emergency situations, often with limited resources.

Our first Professional Development workshop for 2023, Rural Emergency Medicine, was held in Brisbane with 15 GPs and 1 Nurse in attendance. Over the course of the two-and-half-day workshop, participating delegates engaged in team-based learning activities that were designed to replicate rural emergency scenarios.

Delegates praised the workshop’s ‘fantastic and enthusiastic presenters’ for equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge that can be applied to rural practice.

With CPD requirements changing in 2023, we offer a number of Professional Development workshops which cater to rural and remote GPs. These workshops provide practical skills that can be applied to rural practice and are delivered by experienced practitioners. Register today!