Another Successful Regional Placement for Health Workforce Queensland

17 August 2021

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Earlier this year Health Workforce Queensland placed Dr Paula Hernandez in a new role at Grace Family Practice and Skin Care in Bundaberg. We caught up with Dr Hernandez recently to see how the move went and how she and her family have settled into life in Bundy. 

‘Overall, it was a great move. New skills, new patients, fresh start, short commute, more family time and more work satisfaction’, Dr Hernandez shared. She was looking for a change to regional Queensland and wanted to develop new skills. ‘Bundy seems to have it all; beach, friendly people, no traffic, and opportunities to learn new skills.’

Dr Hernandez said her recruitment process with the Health Workforce Solutions team was good, there was clear communication, prompt reply and after her CV was checked, selected practices were contacted quickly. 

​Dr Hernandez was also eligible for relocation support which she said was useful and ‘helped to pay all the additional expenses.’

​The most rewarding part of Dr Hernandez role is her patients. 'The people are friendly, grateful, and really want to establish a relationship with the doctor. I can really be a part of their lives. Work satisfaction is great. Patients in rural areas want to improve their health and are grateful for what you do. I am also learning new skills in skin cancer and other procedures'. 

​‘And the best thing about moving to a smaller regional community are the new adventures, better work/life balance, happy kids, new friends. It can be daunting to move out of the comfort zone but there was a lot to gain. My family and myself are enjoying the change’.

​Health Workforce Queensland assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, nurses, allied health professionals and general practitioners (including locums) to find their dream job in remote and rural Queensland. 

​Remote and rural Queensland communities provide a unique opportunity to further your health career. Our Health Workforce Solutions team provide a personal recruitment approach when assisting you throughout the placement process and can offer various financial support options such as relocation incentive packages.  

​A list of current vacancies is on the Health Workforce Queensland website– Our team can be contacted on email