2022 Health Workforce Stakeholder Group Meeting

07 October 2022

2022 Hwsg Meeting Blog

The Health Workforce Stakeholders Group (HWSG) hosted by Health Workforce Queensland (HWQ) met on Thursday 15 September 2022.

The HWSG meets annually and offers the opportunity for strategic discussion around current and emerging issues impacting remote and rural health workforce. It also provides collective feedback to HWQ to validate the Health Workforce Needs Assessment (HWNA), the foundation document to inform our priorities, as well as information to be shared through our communications and reports to policy makers.

It was acknowledged that the current health workforce challenges were impacting many remote and rural communities and the need for collaborative solutions at the federal, state and local levels were vital. HWSG members engaged in a reflective session on the barriers to place-based collaboration, noting that despite the willingness of 90% of local stakeholders, a small number of barriers are precluding authentic place-based collaboration. System barriers, organisational turf, professional turf and individual mindset were identified, and potential opportunities to address these barriers were discussed. ​

HWQ also spoke to their annual Health Workforce Needs Assessment (HWNA) in addition to associated activities and collaborations that have been undertaken in the past twelve months to address workforce challenges. HWSG member organisations also provided updates on their workforce initiatives

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